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Find Solution Ai

林苑莉 | Founder

Mr. Matthijs Dolsma | Founder


FindSolution AI builds innovative software solutions (SaaS) for primary and secondary schools, to offer a personalized, interactive curriculum. Our edge is that we measure the emotional state of the student while working on exercise problems. This allows us to understand learning traits and behaviour. The goal is to maximize learning efficiency and minimize exam pressure, because our AI can predict the outcome. Also, we aim to highlight abnormal patterns (e.g. depression, ADHD or ASD). 12 patents were filed, HKD 4m raised, 6 school deals closed last quarter worth HKD 5m.

Secondly, we are testing the market for elderly healthcare. We again leverage our emotion measurement system, but now we use it to monitor the emotions of users while they work on mind games, aligned with assessment surveys for Alzheimer’s disease. This provides valuable data for research and a significant reduction in diagnosis costs / lead time.