Company Profile


Semi Pitch - ROBOTICS


Dr. Ng Cheuk Kwong | Founder

Miss. Wong WAN CHI | Founder

Bubble is robotic retail platform for customized beverage like bubble tea, fusion tea and cocktail with ioT ability. Our robotic kiosks allow customer to order a tailor-made cup of beverage (like tea, bubble milk tea or cocktails) and share the mixing recipes at the touch of a button.

Customers control order the beverage on the touch screen or their smartphone and walk away with a personalized cup of tea or cocktail in under a minute.

Bubble simplifies fresh and customized beverage mixing processing and speeds up the serving process. As a result, Bubble is a good partner for business in office which provide a healthier solution rather than coffee while it is also for individuals in Cafe and Bar or some events which needs beverage serving support.