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Semi Pitch - FINTECH

Unissoft Technology Co. Ltd

Aldous Ng | Founder

Larry Leong | Founder

Established in March 2016, Unissoft Technology Co. Ltd. engages in the business of Blockchain-based eSignature document management systems (“b-DMS”).

iNAS SmartContract empowers FSI to standardize eSignature online document processes on the Extranet. It is the private cloud system enabling FSI to build her own ecosystem to support “single version of truth” in the secured and authenticated exchange of documents via Blockchain technology, which are accessible by her stakeholders.

Recently a bank in Hong Kong has offered the meet online service for SMB to set up bank accounts through video conference. However, the bank has still to collect the signed documents by couriers.

iNAS SmartContracts offers the one-stop shop by the eSignature Blockchain technology that compliant to the Electronic Transactions Ordinance.